Saints Memorial Legacy

We have a rich history behind our church

In 1955, God led Pastor Reuben Meeks to build Saints Memorial C.O.G.I.C. on East 19th Street in Bakersfield, California. This was one of many churches that he built and planted. Pastor Reuben Meeks said that he believed that God called him to not only pastor but to be a planter. This meant that he would build a church and establish it, then give it over to someone that God would call to pastor that church.

Pastor Reuben Meeks named the church he built on East 19th Street, Saints Memorial. He said that he wanted to name the church as a memorial for the old saints that had died. After the church was built and incorporated through the C.O.G.I.C. he began to pastor but knew he would eventually pass it along when the Lord would send the right fit. Saints Memorial was a small church and was made of a handful of older mothers and children. 

Pastor Reuben Meeks was all about building God’s Kingdom and continued to pastor and evangelize in the community, therefore he began a bus ministry and would pick up children in the neighborhood. Pastor Meeks continued to do God’s work until 1960 where the Lord led him to ask his nephew Dr. E.V. McGee to come and help him in the ministry.

Dr. E.V. McGee was a member at the O Street church located at 1028 O Street in Bakersfield, California, which is now called the Trinity Chapel C.O.G.I.C. While at the O Street church, Dr. E.V. McGee was a pianist and great singer who drew several people to the Lord through his ministry in song. 

After leaving the O Street Church in 1960, he became a faithful member at the Saints Memorial C.O.G.I.C. and worked beside his uncle Pastor Reuben Meeks. The membership at that time was very small so Saints Memorial only had Sunday school and then the saints would go home. While there he assisted Pastor Meeks as a Sunday school teacher for the young people and helping out around the church wherever Pastor Reuben Meeks asked him to.

In the fall of 1963, Pastor Reuben Meeks believed that it was time to move on and leave the legacy of Saints Memorial to his nephew, Dr. E.V. McGee. Pastor Meeks moved on up north to pastor the Pilgrim C.O.G.I.C. in San Jose, California. Dr. E.V. McGee to pastor the Saints Memorial church with the help of God and his beautiful wife, Mo. Blanche D. McGee. 

On May 17, 1964, he was installed as the official pastor by the late Superintendent D.A. Kelly with permission to do so by the late Bishop E.B. Stuart. Dr. E.V. McGee with Mo. Blanche D. McGee by his side hit the ground running. God had given Dr. E.V. McGee a vision for His church and His people and he began to build on the vision God had given him. 

Dr. McGee put his hands to work to refurbish and add onto Saints Memorial Church. So many changes were made to make the house of God look even better; the original bathrooms were refurbished, a baptismal pool was added to the main sanctuary, an office and private bathroom were added for Dr. McGee so he could have a place to go and shower after preaching, a kitchen and pantry were built for the Mission ministry, and dividers were added to make classrooms for all the different ministries that needed them. 

Dr. McGee was constantly at work determined to complete the vision that God had given him for Saints Memorial on East 19th Street and by the grace of God he had completed it all.

Dr. E.V. McGee started his ministry with his wife Mo. Blanche McGee and six other members: Mo. Cunningham, Mo. Spencer, Mo. Meeks, Mo. Nut, Lillian (the daughter of Mo. Nut), and Mo. Parker (Dr. McGee’s mother) but he knew that Lord would draw more to Saints Memorial. 

Until then he continued to teach the Sunday school and play the piano as the church musician. Mo. McGee along his side helped in the ministry as well as the choir president/director until they could train someone to take their place. Dr. McGee, therefore continued the bus ministry that had begun by his uncle Pastor Reuben Meeks and through this bus ministry the church grew in numbers and several young people joined and were saved. 

As the church continued to grow the ministries did as well. Later, Dr. McGee became the president of the churches new Trustee Board, Mo. McGee started the Y.W.C.C. (Young Women’s Christian Council), the Purity, the Sunshine band and was the president of the Y.P.W.W. (Young People Willing Workers). As the membership grew other members were trained and groomed to take their place and they were able to sit back and enjoy the fruit of their labor!

In 1987, the Lord moved on Dr. E.V. McGee to start the radio ministry which aired every Sunday at 10:00p.m. A room near his office was converted into a radio room and through this ministry more souls were saved and had joined the ministry. 

Over time, the church had grew from six members to over 100 members out growing the church on East 19th Street, therefore, God told him that it was time to move.

In 1996, Dr. McGee went out seeking a new sanctuary that the members of Saints Memorial could worship in. Several buildings and sites were looked at until the Lord led Dr. McGee to a sanctuary on 200 Pacheco Road, after beseeching God and meeting with the membership it was evident that it was going to be the new place of worship for Saints Memorial. 

In May 1997, the move was made to 200 Pacheco Road which is now the current location for the Saints Memorial C.O.G.I.C.